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Facts about the Colposcopy Procedure

Colposcopy is a medical procedure that lets your doctor take a closer look at the cervix, the vagina and the vulva. Your doctor may recommend this procedure if your PAP smear came back with abnormal results. By using the colposcope, the doctor can examine the vaginal tissue to detect lesions or abnormalities that might signal cervical cancer or some other problem. This is the main goal of...
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Learning All About Biopsy

When someone hears from their doctor that they will need a biopsy, this can often cause anxiety. Normally your doctor will not schedule a biopsy without due cause. A biopsy is usually performed by a surgeon. This medical test involves taking samples of cells or tissue for closer examination. If some type of disease is detected by a pathologist, then your doctor can recommend the next step in your...
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