Benefits Of Massage Therapy To Our Emotional Health

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Benefits Of Massage Therapy To Our Emotional Health

Benefits Of Massage Therapy To Our Emotional Health 1200 600 Seasons Women's Care

Massage Therapy offers so many benefits and in most circumstances, there’s really no downside. You can get a massage every week, every day, or as often as you can afford it. There are a number of benefits beyond simple relaxation. For instance, this is a great way to relieve pain and stiffness. Therapeutic massage has been shown to offer excellent support for good overall wellness. It reduces stress, relieves back and neck pain, increases circulation, and improves your range of motion.


Massage therapy has increased in popularity over the past 10 years and many experts believe that this is due to baby boomers. This group is now in their 50s, 60s, and 70s and they more often enjoy all-natural treatments for ailments and injuries. Baby boomers may also be at that age where normal physical activities can cause undue pain and stiffness.

Many people today also suffer from neuropathy, a condition that causes numbness and tingling in extremities. Those suffering from diabetes often deal with neuropathy. Though there is currently no cure, there are some treatments that can reduce pain, tingling, and numbness, and massage therapy is one of those.

The warm, stimulating effects of massage have a comforting and positive effect on muscles, joints, and tendons. If you have an especially painful area, simply let your massage therapist know and he or she can give special attention to this area. Heat and essential oils used during a massage can also give you the relaxing relief not found in other remedies.


There are many types of massage, from Swedish massage to deep tissue massage. Many professionals nowadays even do infant massages and sports massages. Pregnant women can also benefit from a wonderful, soothing massage. Whether you simply have a busy, stressful life or have a specific physical condition that you are dealing with, a therapeutic massage can be a safe, economical way to find relief.

Try it the next time you have a headache or have slept wrong and wake up feeling stiff. Once you realize the many benefits of therapeutic massage, you’ll be a lifelong supporter. Contact us today to find out more.