Infertility Counseling & Evaluation

Infertility Counseling & Evaluation

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Infertility affects thousands of couples each year and has numerous causative factors. Couples often deal with a number of relationship issues within their family. For instance, one party may feel responsible and guilty and be dealing with hopelessness and frustration. Families and friends are also a part of the equation since many have no idea what to say to a couple struggling to get pregnant. They can inadvertently make statements or say negative or hurtful things.

For this reason, doctors often recommend counseling to couples who are infertile. Counseling can assist a couple in making those adjustments they need to make so that they can move forward. Sometimes a couple seems to get stuck in a fruitless cycle of failure with their efforts and this can damage the relationship.

By keeping a healthy attitude and through excellent compliance a couple can move through the process successfully. Today couples will find many great options that can lead to having a child. There are egg donor programs as well as private donors. Adoption is also a great idea and many couples have found joy in giving a loving home to a child who needs one. Surrogate mother programs are also available and have been very successful in the past.

Your OB/GYN can assist you in the beginning with many standard tests designed to zero in on the problem. If there are viable solutions, then your doctor will help you understand each one. It’s important to realize that some level of frustration and sadness is normal. Your doctor or therapist is there to enable you to gain a new perspective and stay positive.

Coping with infertility is stressful and more so for certain personality types. All of us have defense mechanisms and coping styles and some are more healthy than others. With a caring physician and supportive family, a couple can make the adjustments necessary.

Infertility counseling and evaluation is designed to help a couple understand where they are right now and what their options for the future are. It assists couples who may be stuck in a negative cycle of trying and failing each month. This is an important step in helping couples move on with their lives without allowing infertility to irreparably damage the relationship.

Seasons Women’s Care is also pleased to announce our affiliation with Dr. Susan Schiff. She is one of only handful acupuncturists that is certified in reproductive medicine. Acupuncture has been proven to help many women with fertility issues achieve their dreams. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.