Seasons Women’s Care Now Offering Counsyl Genetic Screening

Counsyl Genetic Testing

Seasons Women’s Care Now Offering Counsyl Genetic Screening

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Seasons Women’s Care is now offering the Counsyl Genetic Screening test, which identifies a number of genetic conditions that women can be carriers of. This is especially important for those who are thinking about getting pregnant soon, as it can identify serious genetic disorders that may harm your baby.

The Counsyl Genetic Screening test is offered to women prior to pregnancy and during their first trimester. Doctors across the nation are now recommending this test and Seasons Women’s Care is excited to be able to offer it to you. This is a simple, low-cost genetic screening that can let you know if you may be a carrier of certain genes that cause hereditary diseases in offspring.

The Counsyl Genetic Screening test has won the Wall Street Journal Innovation Award in Medicine for 2010 because it offers potential parents an easy method of learning whether they have the potential to pass on hereditary illnesses like fragile X. Taysachs and other hereditary diseases. Though families share a number of positive attributes as well as their love and memories, they can also share diseases that can be passed down from one generation to the next. That’s why the Counsyl Genetic Screening test is so important. Most experts are recommending that every person of reproductive age take the test to determine risk factors for passing on genetic disorders.

In years to come, experts are predicting that this test could all but eliminate diseases that are passed on through genes. Often, these types of illnesses can skip a generation. Even though your children might not be affected, your grandchildren could very well suffer from the illness. These conditions don’t always show up at birth either. Sometimes a person will be 30 years old before they begin to show symptoms.

Genetic testing is not just a dream anymore; it has become a reality and many doctors believe that universal access should be granted to everyone. Season’s Women’s Care also believes that this test should be made available to anyone thinking of becoming pregnant. We can perform the test during your first trimester as well, and we know that you will agree that your children and future generations of your family deserve to be free of genetic diseases once and for all. We hope you’ll take advantage of the cutting edge science that makes this important test possible. Please call to schedule your Counsyl Genetic Screening test. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.